WBS members are involved with a range of initiatives recording species presence and monitoring change across the county. At present many members are actively contributing records for the next national BSBI Atlas, a ten-year recording initiative.  From time to time we also undertake other botanical research projects in conjunction with Natural England, Plantlife and others. Members contribute to local knowledge of arable weeds, assist with recording work in new reserves and in the past have helped to provide records for the Wiltshire Rare Plant Register. 

All records generated by society members are shared with the BSBI and the Wiltshire and Swindon Biological Records Centre, ensuring the data are shared with the wider community. 

If you would like to get involved with recording plants in your area, then please get in contact with one of our BSBI County Recorders, Sharon Pilkington or Richard Aisbitt:

Sharon Pilkington (for general and recording queries, species identification and ecology): 66 Newtown, Westbury BA13 3EF . Tel: 01373 827074. Email Sharon 
Richard Aisbitt (for recording and data management queries): 84 Goddard Avenue, Swindon, SN1 4HT . Tel: 01793 694680. Email Richard

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Visiting Southlake Moor, Somerset Levels

BSBI Atlas 2020 Project

The BSBI Atlas 2020 Project is a huge scientific endeavour and entails comprehensive recording of the vascular plant interest of all 10km map squares in the British Isles. Here in Wiltshire many dedicated botanical volunteers have 'adopted' local squares for recording and have generated more than 100,000 records as a result since 2010. 

Click below for the full Wiltshire Instructions for Atlas recorders and an introductory letter to use when contacting landowners to request access for surveys. You can also download the latest 'dotty map' which gives an idea of how far we've got with county coverage.
Wiltshire Recorders Instructions Letter for Landowners Records density (dotty map) December 2017
Richard Aisbitt has produced some useful resources for Atlas recorders including spreadsheets for data entry in MapMate-compatible format. A version compatible with Excel 1997 - 2003 can be downloaded below. A macro-enabled version for later versions of Excel is also available on request from Richard
Instructions for data entry Data entry spreadsheet (Excel 1997 - 2003)
Wiltshire's county recorders and the BSBI have also prepared a number of helpful guidance notes on which species to record, some of which are reproduced below. 
Wiltshire Species Recording Guide BSBI Beginners Recording BSBI Notes on Identification BSBI Summary of What to Record
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